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Date Contract Name Compiler Version Setting License Audited By Contract Address
2021-10-13 FlokiInu Solidity v0.6.12+commit.27d51765 MIT License (MIT) - 0xa814f2e7670ce6e303d09cc283d1b5d99c1bef47
2021-10-05 WBTA Solidity v0.4.26+commit.4563c3fc GNU General Public License v3.0 (GNU GPLv3) - 0x1158c194a280b22cc0dd9407cf8cd7d9feff5266
2021-09-30 NFTToken Solidity v0.5.5+commit.47a71e8f MIT License (MIT) - 0xb18fb61137681482ba6f8ac6a30bbaf141a33758
2021-09-30 BaseBEP20Token Solidity v0.4.26+commit.4563c3fc The Unlicense (Unlicense) - 0x3330213fca85c086fae3cae47fb4d9016c82f4dd

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